Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Graduation Day"


juz as commencement is a ritual marking d completion of study~ ritual signaling d beginn'g of ur u/college career~wut a luvly day =)

UKM's 36th Convocation Ceremony (6-13 august '08)
apepun..congratulation t0 al my sister (kak nuru + kak zimah)..after 2 years o maybe they r master holder..n i hope 2 wear that jubah next year..huhu, InsyaAllah.

I am now doing thesis regarding the title "media literacy" literate they r (in my case-secondary student) using al d media sources. how they interpret d information.
I'm pretty stressed up doing my thesis..huhu, prettyyyyyyy stressed. but, im enjoyyy =)

kepenatan+kelaparan masa tunggu kak zimah kuar dr DECTAR