Thursday, August 21, 2008


...salam kengkawan...

while i'm busy doin nothing (yeker?)..hehe, wut else, its time 2 blog sumthing maa..fuh, story ap lg yer nak dipublish nih..kering2 idea ("_)

act, i've a lot of crap to do this week so i think i won’t be posting anything else until friday, but s u can see maa..which 1 is more curik2 mase pikiaqkan story yg nak diposkan..

but, seriously, i’m trying 2 finish my work + my thesis and i can’t do that brain goin to ding dong ding dong (~~), so i think its better 4 me to go on d net n surf n surf til im stable..ececehh (alasan je 2 kan..hehe)

perasan jd gadis bilbod..heheh

yg ni lak, prasan masuk tv..kuikui

nway guys, any1 yg berminat nak edit2 ur pictures..jeng jeng..hebat x sy.. camaner ye nak edit gegambo cam2?hehe..if u r interested, type photo funia on the google or any search engine occayyy..then, they wil bring u 2 that page la, n u can spen ur time doing itu doin ini...dan terhasillah pic2 yg ala2 poyos camtu..hehe

try la occay.. cam best je tau..(",)